Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease


Our Purpose

In 2016, Glens Falls Hospital received the designation as a Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease by the New York State Department of Health, and was awarded $2.1 million in state funding over a five year period. It is one of ten such centers in the entire state. The Center of Excellence at Glens Falls Hospital offers an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosing and managing Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. Our team is comprised of specialists who are trained to assess patients affected by cognitive decline, and offers a care management component to support the patient and caregiver when a diagnosis is made. The mission of the Center of Excellence is to promote earlier diagnosis, support patients and caregivers, act as a conduit to community resources, and serve as a leader in education for providers, patients and families.

The New York State Department of Health named the Alzheimer’s Center at Glens Falls Hospital a Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease (CEAD), which serves Franklin, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren and Washington Counties.

Albany Medical Center is also a designated Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease covering 11 counties surrounding Albany, New York. For more information, go to the Albany Medical Center a Center for Excellence.

How to Make an Appointment

Appointments require a referral from a Primary Care Provider. Please request that you Primary Care Provider include the best person and contact number to call. After the referral is received, our office will reach out to schedule an appointment. To check the referral status, patients can call  Glens Falls Neurology at 518-926-2940.

Patients & Families – We consider it a privilege to be involved in your healthcare or the health of your loved one.  Please plan to have the following information from the patient’s primary care provider sent to Glens Falls Neurology at least 1 week prior to the appointment:

  • Relevant radiology reports and images (electronically or on disc)
  • Laboratory results
  • Relevant office notes

Physicians – We are honored to collaborate with you.  Please plan to have the following information included in your referral to Glens Falls Neurology at least 1 week prior to the appointment:

  • Relevant radiology reports and images (electronically or on disc)
  • Laboratory results
  • Relevant office notes
  • Please include copies of any previous assessments such as the MOCA, MMSE, or others

How to Prepare for your First Visit to Glens Falls Neurology

Whether you visit the office in-person or, have an appointment using video conferencing or, telephone, the following will help to maximize your experience.

  • Please plan to have a close friend, family member or, caregiver who knows you well accompany you to the visit.
  • Please bring any current medications (including over-the-counter) you are taking to the appointment. Please also bring any vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements you might take.
  • If you have hearing aids and/or corrective glasses, please have them with you.
  • It can help to write down questions you have prior to the visit.

What to Expect

Patients are seen in the Glens Falls Neurology practice which is in the Pruyn Pavilion.

  • During a New Patient Visit, a physical assessment and some information gathering will occur. Some of this information can be obtained through brief “pen & pencil” tests.  Some of this information can be obtained by talking and learning more about symptoms.
  • You or your companion will be asked to complete a few questionnaires prior to the appointment.
  • The initial appointment could take up to one to one and a half hours. Arriving 20 minutes prior to your appointment or being ready 20 minutes in advance of a video visit helps to finalize forms, address technical issues, and most importantly, maximize the time for your care.
  • It is possible that some additional testing might be ordered. This may include MRI scans, labs, or cognitive testing.
  • After all the information is gathered and tests have been performed, the Neurology specialists will meet with the patient and family to provide feedback on his or, her interpretation of the patient’s current symptoms. Findings will be shared in this visit.
  • The team at Glens Falls Neurology is comprised of professionals who help provide patients and families with educational material and contact information about valuable resources in our community. Following your assessment, an appointment can be scheduled to learn more.

Brain Health Strategies

The Center strives to educate patients and families on brain health. Education centers on teaching the difference between fixed and modifiable risk.

Many things influence the health of our brains:
• Fixed factors are risks we cannot control, like genetics or family history.
• Modifiable risks are things we can control that can impact our brain’s functioning.
Over the course of a lifetime, these risks can add up. Eliminating these variables could potentially modify the prevalence of dementia by almost 40%.

Wherever you are in your health journey, we work to help you understand how to support your brain’s wellness with the following strategies.
• Exercise
• Sleep well
• Reduce stress
• Stop smoking
• Limit alcohol
• Stay connected with other people
• Learn new skills
• Eat well

We emphasize the importance of medical care and its importance on brain health, which monitors for:
• Diabetes
• Hearing loss
• High/low blood pressure
• Atrial fibrillation
• Depression/anxiety
• Sleep apnea

Center of Excellence
for Alzheimer’s Disease

Glens Falls Neurology
Pruyn Pavilion at
Glens Falls Hospital (3rd Floor)
100 Park Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

Phone: 518-926-2940
Fax: 518-926-2941

Alzheimer’s and related dementias are complex diseases that require diverse research approaches and expertise.  Please refer to the following resources for additional information on Neuroscience research at Albany Medical College and beyond.

Professional Education

Click below for a list of continuing education opportunities:

Tuesday, October 17, 12pm: Palliative Care and Dementia

Wednesday, November 8, 12pm: TBI, Aging and Dementia

Thursday, December 7, 12pm: Frontotemporal Dementia: Review of Differential Diagnoses & When to Refer

Should you wish to be added to the Neuroscience Grand Rounds Distribution list for Albany Medical College Office of Continuing Medical Education, please email Marcia Lamb,


Where to Park

  • Park in Pruyn Lot (Valet Parking is available)
  • Enter through Pruyn Pavilion Entrance

Full Parking Map

Your Story is our Story - Glens Falls Hospital "It’s important for us that you know how impressed we are with everyone who has had a hand in my husband's care. From the moment we walk in everyone we have had contact with has treated us with a level of care, concern and compassion that I’m sure is unmatched at any other hospital. They were all so supportive of not only my husband but of myself as well." Maura and Thomas Rapp Salem, NY

Physicians & Providers

Jonathan Braiman, MD, Neurologist at Glens Falls Hospital

Jonathan Braiman, MD

Jonathan Braiman, MD, Neurologist at Glens Falls Hospital

Jonathan Braiman, MD

Dr. Braiman received his Bachelor of Science from Tufts University. He then obtained his Medical Degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. He trained at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Uniformed Services Health Sciences University, and served our country in the United States Armed Services from 1987 – 1995. An upstate New York native, Dr. Braiman brings nearly 25 years of Neurology experience to Glens Falls Neurology and has been instrumental in the success of the Center of Excellence of Alzheimer’s Disease and the Stroke Center at Glens Falls Hospital.

Max Rudansky, MD

Suzanne Dickson

Suzanne Dickson, PhD

Ruth Fish, FNP, Glens Falls Neurology

Ruth Fish, FNP, Educator

Ruth Fish, FNP, Glens Falls Neurology

Ruth Fish, FNP, Educator

Ruth Fish is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has over thirty-five years of experience in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.  Ms. Fish is an educator for The Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease at Glens Falls Hospital/AMHS which was designated as such by the New York State Department of Health to provide expertise in diagnosing and managing Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurocognitive conditions.

Ms. Fish obtained her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the State University College of New York at Plattsburgh, and her master’s degree in nursing from the Medical College of Virginia at Richmond with a double major in Family Nurse Practice and Community Health.  She has extensive experience in the long-term care setting and in developing training programs for health professionals.

The Warren County Bar Association recently awarded Ms. Ruth with the Liberty Bell Award for her work in helping adults in their quest for physical and neurocognitive wellness, in addition to her extensive commitment to volunteer work which includes: Caritas, Adirondack Samaritan Counseling Center, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, To The Himalayas with Love, Inc, Fort Hudson Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and the Adirondack Welcome Circle, an organization which assists in the arrival and integration of refugees in the community.

Kathleen Crotty, PA

Katelyn Cullinan, PA

Carnee Simpson, MSW

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