Hospital Communication During Your Loved One’s Stay

Thank you for trusting Glens Falls Hospital with the care of your loved one. We are confident they will receive care that is both exceptional and compassionate.

In these times, we understand how challenging it is to not be with your loved one during their hospital stay. Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and visitors. We are also committed to making sure you are kept informed about the status and progress of your loved one. Here’s how you can help us do so.


STEP ONE: Choose a “family spokesperson”

It is unfortunately not possible for our staff to speak with multiple family members during a patient’s stay; doing so would impact our time spent caring for patients. The patient (or the family, if the patient is unable to do so) should choose one “family spokesperson” for us to speak with. This person will be our sole contact and can then share information with others. Please note that the patient, if competent to do so, can revoke this permission or state that they do not wish to have a spokesperson.


STEP TWO: Understand what you can expect from us

You can expect:

  • A call whenever there’s a change in the patient’s status. This could include a new diagnosis or a change in diagnosis, a change in level of care, a change in room or floor assignment, or results from any significant tests or after an invasive procedure.
  • A call to discuss the patient’s safe transition from the hospital setting.

STEP THREE: Know when it’s best to contact the GFH Team

The best time to call the hospital for any updates is between 11:30 AM and 11:00 PM. Calls before 11:30 AM are difficult to answer promptly as our staff is busy rounding on patients.

We will do everything we can to answer your questions when you call. However, there may be times when we’ll have to get messages to those who can best answer them, and this process can take some time depending on availability. We appreciate your patience and promise you we won’t forget about your concerns.


STEP FOUR: Help us to get to know your loved one

We would love to get to know them better. Please complete the information below so that our team can provide compassionate, personal, patient-centered care. Feel free to include anything special we can do to help provide a more personal and exceptional experience. If you received a hard copy of this information, you can return the form by mailing it to:

Glens Falls Hospital
ATTN: Patient Experience
100 Park Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801


Help us to get to know your loved one


Glens Falls Hospital

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