Staffing Plans

There are many variables to consider in establishing safe, efficiently staffed hospital units. Patient care units differ based upon the types of patients cared for, and the way in which care is organized and delivered there. Education and experience levels of unit staff and support from nurse educators and nurse managers also factor into unit staffing decisions, as does the unique characteristics and mission of each hospital.


Unit Name                                                                    Unit Type

Tower 2                                                                           Medical

Tower 3                                                                           Medical

4 West                                                                              Medical/Surgical

Tower 6                                                                           Medical/Surgical

Tower 5                                                                           Intensive Care

BHU                                                                                  Behavioral Health

Snuggery                                                                        Labor & Delivery/Postpartum

SCN                                                                                   Special Care Nursery

Your Story is our Story - Glens Falls Hospital "The entire Snuggery staff acted promptly and professionally to keep us calm and safely deliver our baby girl, a mere 37 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. The level of care and attention we received both during the surgery and afterwards was remarkable." Carrie Zappone Wilton, NY