Outpatient Pharmacy Update – 6.17.20

We are pleased to announce that the Outpatient Pharmacy will be re-opening to serve customers in-store starting Monday, June 22, 2020.  Please note that a variety of safety precautions have been put into place, including installing Plexiglas at the register and counseling area, for the protection of our staff and customers.

Due to social distancing guidelines, only 4 people will be allowed in the pharmacy at a time.   When waiting in line, we ask that you leave 6 feet between you and the next person in line.

When a customer presents to the West Lobby to pick up their prescription,  Security will call the Pharmacy to ensure there is availability in the store and will relay the instructions to the customer.  If the Pharmacy is at full capacity, they will let Security know to have the customer wait in the waiting area and will call them back when space is available.

For GFH employees: If you arrive at the Pharmacy and there already 4 people inside, we kindly ask that you return to your respective department, call the Pharmacy at ext. 2540 and ask to have someone notify you when space is available in the store.  You can also come back at a later time.   Additionally, when the Pharmacy is at full capacity, we ask that employees not form a line outside the Pharmacy while waiting to enter.

Curbside deliveries will continue to take place on a case by case basis (including for patients discharged from a COVID floor, etc.).  The Pharmacists will determine when this process is appropriate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to connect with the Outpatient Pharmacy directly at 926-2540. Thank you for your cooperation.