Looking to Donate Supplies to GFH?

Glens Falls Hospital is asking the businesses and individuals in the community to consider donating critical healthcare supplies including:
  • N95 masks
  • Other face masks
  • Eye protection such as goggles and face shields
Every N95 mask donated extends our ability to manage the influx of patients we expect if there is a surge. We continue to follow the CDC guidelines so we can make our supply of N95 masks last as long as possible.
To participate, please contact David Carangie, Director of Supply Chain Management via email at dcarangie@glensfallshosp.org.
We are also so grateful for the generous offers from community members to make hand-made masks for the healthcare workers at Glens Falls Hospital. We encourage anyone to make as many masks as they would like. We ask that you store them at your home until such time that we need you to bring them in. Additionally, feel free to check out the guidelines that the CDC has released for making masks: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/ppe-strategy/face-masks.html#crisis-capacity 
Thank you so much for your generosity!