GFH Network Updates

Out of an abundance of caution, in order to promote social distancing, protect public health, and to concentrate resources on the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, please be advised that the following changes to the Hospital outpatient testing services will be enacted for 60 days or until further notice:

  • The Sleep Lab will be closed
  • The Wellness Center will be closed
  • Orthopedic Acute Care Walk-in Clinic is temporarily closed
  • Outpatient Neurodiagnostic services will be suspended for all studies not deemed medically necessary to be done NOW (such as a high risk carotid ultrasound for recent TIA)
  • Non-critical outpatient Interventional radiologic, Gastrointestinal, and Cardiology services will be suspended
  • Outpatient laboratory testing (blood work) will be directed to the Glens Falls Hospital off-campus facilities
  • Medically necessary outpatient medical imaging will be directed to off-campus imaging sites (Moreau Health Center, Advanced Imaging at Bay Brook)

Primary care patients age 60 years and older are being asked to defer their preventive and wellness visits to a future date while patients who are younger than 60 years old will be seen at the discretion of the provider. Patients who are ill will be screened and triaged based upon their presenting issue.


As of Thursday. March 19, 2020, and in an effort to promote social distancing and preservation of resources as driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will deliver prescription medications to patients via MAIL or CURBSIDE PICK-UP for non-employee patients whenever possible during this time.   Patient populations that are impacted involve C.R. Wood Cancer Center Patients, our Primary Care patients receiving prescriptions under the GFH Patient Assistance Program and Retirees, etc.

Process for patients (non-employee) :

  • Patients are to call or place their refill requests to the Outpatient Pharmacy as you would normally.
  • Patients, then call the Outpatient Pharmacy at (518) 926-2530 and leave a message for the Pharmacy if you are able to permit the prescriptions to be mailed to you. If you need them more urgently we will prepare them for curbside pick-up at the Hospital West Entrance.
  • Please come to the hospital WEST ENTRANCE to pick up the prescriptions during normal business hours, 7 AM – 5 PM.  When you arrive, please give security staff your name and date of birth and they will communicate to the Outpatient Pharmacy that you are here to pick up your prescriptions.
  • We will deliver the prescriptions to you curbside.

Process for Day Surgery patients (as needed): 

  • The patient’s nurse to call Outpatient Pharmacy when patient is leaving DSU area.
  • Patient stops at security and Outpatient Pharmacy staff will meet them for curbside delivery as they exit the building.

Process for employees: 

  • No changes and we’ll gladly mail or provide curbside delivery if you wish or need.

Process for COVID-19 discharge patients:

  • If the patient is considered HIGH risk for COVID 19, AND the PRESCRIPTION(s) ARE REQUIRED, the ordering PROVIDER SHOULD Eprescribe to the Outpatient Pharmacy, then call the Outpatient Pharmacy and speak to a Pharmacist to further coordinate the processing of the patient’s prescriptions in preparation for discharge.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!