Total Joint Program

There’s no place like home. Your recovery is our goal.

We offer several patient-centered programs to ensure that our patients receive the very best experience and outcomes from their orthopedic surgeries. With the help of these programs, we are able to return our patients home safely, sooner. Our patients often report faster recovery times and increased restoration of function and mobility when they participate in these programs.

Our Total Joint Program Includes:

Total Joint Class

This free class features surgical and floor nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and care managers to help you prepare for your surgery. This class is designed to empower patients with the knowledge they need to shorten their healing time and provides an opportunity to clarify any questions or concerns you might have about your procedure or recovery. You will be introduced to exercises, tips, and activities that will help to enhance your recovery and ensure lasting success. We highly recommend that you choose a “joint coach” and bring them with you to the class.

Be sure to bring someone you choose who is ready to help you. This “joint coach” is with you before and after surgery and can be a second set of eyes and ears when gathering information that will enable you to have an outstanding surgical experience.

Prehab and Wellness Center programs

Studies show that patients recover from surgery faster if they prepare their bodies prior to surgery. Those who participate in an exercise program prior to surgery typically spend less time in the hospital and are less likely to need expensive home care after their surgery. Presurgical programs, or Prehab, focus on range of motion, strengthening, flexibility, and aerobic training. The ideal time to start a presurgical or Prehab program is six weeks prior to surgery.

Pre-Booking post-surgical physical therapy

Physical therapy after total joint replacement surgery is essential to a successful recovery. Our services consistently exceed national standards for functional improvement and patient satisfaction with function and overall services for orthopedic conditions as measured by UDS Lifeware.

We offer the option of scheduling physical therapy services prior to surgery at all therapy locations. Simply call any of the therapy locations and ask to prebook your Total Joint Replacement therapy. Pre-booking your therapy assures you more flexibility to schedule times that are convenient for you and also increases the ability to be scheduled with a consistent team of therapists.

Total Joint Camp

This program, utilizing a team-based approach to your care, improves your chance of a full and speedy recovery. It includes physical therapy services with a combination of both traditional land-based treatments and aquatic therapy when your incision is fully healed

Learn more about these programs in our informational brochure.

The Total Joint Program is offered at: 

Surgical Specialists
of Glens Falls Hospital

14 Hudson Avenue
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone: 518-926-5600

The Rehabilitation
& Wellness Center

2 Country Club Road
Queensbury, NY 12804
Phone: 518-926-2005