Semen Analysis

Method Name



Semen Analysis, Semen Analysis

Specimen Type

Semen in a clean, dry container

Specimen Required

It is recommended that the semen sample be collected after 2 to 3 days of abstinence and the preferred method of collection is by masturbation. The container should be warmed to body temperature before collection and the specimen should be kept at this temperature until liquefaction of the coagulum is complete. The specimen may be collected in a plastic or polyethylene container such as those used for collecting urine specimens, but it should be transferred to a glass container if it is not analyzed immediately after liquefaction because motility of the sperm declines more rapidly when stored in a plastic container. The specimen should be transported to the laboratory immediately after collection (within 1 hour) and it should be protected from temperature extremes during delivery.

Specimen Minimum Volume

Submit entire collection

Specimen Stability Information

Must be delivered to the laboratory within 1 hour and protected from temperature extremes. (See remarks)

Special Instructions


• You need a sterile container which is available from the Physician office or the laboratory.

• The specimen should be obtained by masturbation after at least 72 hours to a maximum of 5 days of abstinence, unless otherwise instructed by physician. You may collect at home or onsite.

• Wash hands and penis thoroughly and rinse well to remove soap residue. LUBRICANTS SHOULD NOT BE USED.

• Ejaculate directly into the STERILE CONTAINER. If you do not have one you can obtain one from the REF Department or Lab. Do not use a condom (rubber). Be sure that the collection is complete and that the entire specimen is collected, especially the first portion.

• Be sure to secure the lid on tightly.

• Label the side of the container with your name, date of birth, and the time and date the specimen was obtained. If any portion of the sample spills, please report this to the lab technician.


• Schedule a date and time with the Hematology Lab (518)926-3811.

• Please inform the Laboratory staff that you are dropping off or collecting semen for analysis.

• The Laboratory staff will provide you with a questionnaire to be completed at that time.

• Lab hours for semen analysis testing are Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

• If dropping off, the specimen should be delivered to the lab within one hour of collection and maintained at room-to-body temperature after collection. Avoid extreme temperatures. (Hot or cold).

• For questions please contact the lab at (518)926-3811 or your doctor’s office

Performing Laboratory

Monday – Friday. Turn around time is 4 hours.

Reference Values

See report

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm