Phosphorus, Urine

Method Name



Phosphorus, Urine, Phosphorus - 24hr Urine; Phosphorus - Random Urine

Specimen Required

urine in a clean, dry container for a random specimen and in a 24 urine container for a 24 hour collection

Specimen Minimum Volume

10 mL for a random specimen

Specimen Stability Information

Keep refrigerated during collection

Special Instructions

24 hour urine containers can be obtained from the Laboratory. Requires 25 mL of 6N Hydrochloric Acid as a preservative. CAUTION: Hydrochloric acid can cause severe burns. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Avoid breathing vapor. nnCollecting a 24 hours urine sample: n 1. To start the collection, empty bladder and discard this specimen. This will be the start of the collection period. Write the date and time on the collection container. n 2. DO NOT VOID directly into the container. Void into a clean container and then pour the specimen into the 24 container. Keep the container refrigerated during the collection period. n 3. At precisely the same time that the collection was started 24 hours earlier, empty bladder one final time and add this specimen to the 24 hour collection container. n 4. Deliver container to the Laboratory.

Performing Laboratory

As ordered. Turn around time is 4 hours.

Reference Values

24 hour: 400 – 1300 mg/24 hours nNo reference range available for random urines.