Helminth Identification

Method Name

Reference Laboratory


Helminth Identification; Helminth ID; Worm ID; Worm Identification, Helminth Identification

Specimen Required

Suspected parasitic worm in a clean, closed container with a small amount of 70% alcohol.

Specimen Stability Information

Transport to the laboratory as soon as possible. Specimens delayed in transport should be refrigerated. Specimens should be received within 72 hours of collection. *NOTE* Specimens that do not meet the above criteria will be rejected.

Special Instructions

Identification services are limited to the most commonly found macroscopic parasitic worms, primarily Ascarids and Tapeworms. Identification may be attempted on other Helminths but may be beyond the expertise of this laboratory to identify. NOTE: For the identification of Pinworm – refer to Pinworm Examination. For the identification of Filarial worms – refer to Blood Parasite Examination.

Performing Laboratory

7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Turn around time is 24 hours.