Blood Parasite Examination

Method Name

Reference Laboratory


Blood Parasite Examination; Malaria Smear, Blood Parasite Examination

Specimen Required

In an EDTA (lavender top) collection tube before 11am Monday through Friday only, as specimens for blood parasite examination must reach the reference laboratory within 24 hours of collection.

Specimen Minimum Volume

1 mL or 6 slides (4 thin film/2 thick film)

Specimen Stability Information

Transport at room temperature. Stable for 24 hours only.

Special Instructions

The blood sample must be labeled with the date and time of collection as well as the patient name, so findings may be correlated with symptoms and other pertinent clinical information. Some parasites appear more frequently in the blood during certain periods of the fever cycle. To accommodate this, blood for parasite detection is usually collected as follows: n – On admission or when parasitemia is first suspected. n – At 6 – 12 hour intervals thereafter, if no parasites were demonstrated in the original collection.

Performing Laboratory

Monday through Saturday only (see collection procedure below)