Blood Bank Specimen

Method Name



Hold Clot; Blood Bank Specimen, Hold Clot, Blood Bank Specimen

Specimen Required

one 7 mL lavender top tube. All patients having a Blood Bank Specimen must have a blood bank armband label applied to their wrist and the tube. Specimens received without a blood bank armband will be rejected.

Specimen Minimum Volume

4.0 mL of blood

Specimen Stability Information

Stable at room temperature for 24 hours.

Special Instructions

No testing is performed on a hold clot. Testing may be added at any time within 72hours of collection by calling the Blood Bank at extension 3816. Collection of a properly labeled blood sample from the intended recipient of blood iscritical to safe blood transfusion. Most hemolytic transfusion reactions result fromerrors in patient or sample identification. Clerical errors such as improper identificationof the patient at the time the specimen is drawn, transcription errors, mislabeling of theblood product or misidentification of the patient at the time of transfusion accounts for73% of the preventable occurrences of transfusion associated fatalities. The persondrawing the blood sample must identify the intended recipient in a positive manner,most effectively done by comparing the information on the request form (or computerlabels) with the information on the patient’s identification band. If possible, patient identification should be obtained verbally directly from the patient. The phlebotomist mustnot rely on a bed tag or on charts or records placed nearby. After positiveidentification, the sample is drawn and the patient is armbanded with a blood bankarmband.

Performing Laboratory

As ordered. No testing performed.

Reference Values