Glens Falls Hospital, Washington and Warren Counties Working to Increase Access to Outpatient Behavioral Health and Substance Use Services

Glens Falls Hospital shared today that they are working with county government to engage other behavioral health providers in a conversation about the future of care in the region.

For nearly 50 years, Glens Falls Hospital has been the contracted provider of outpatient behavioral health services in Warren and Washington counties. In that time the community and the needs of the patients Glens Falls Hospital serves has changed tremendously.

The need that exists today for outpatient behavioral health services is far greater than what Glens Falls Hospital can meet on their own. The hospital is committed to being part of the long-term solution to the growing need for behavioral health services and engaging with the Office of Community Services for Warren and Washington Counties in a thoughtful and deliberate partnership exploration process to increase access to outpatient behavioral health and substance use services in Warren and Washington counties.

“Glens Falls Hospital has been a committed partner to the county for nearly 50 years, and we appreciate their willingness to help find the best solution to increase access to much needed behavioral health services in our community,” said Robert York, Director of Community Services for Warren and Washington Counties.

The hospital is helping the county to identify specialized organizations that have advanced skills and expertise and who share their commitment to those in need as a mission-centered, not-for-profit organization. Through the partnership exploration process, the county is looking for a provider to manage existing addiction services as well as child, adolescent and adult behavioral health services, with specific focus on those with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI).

“In collaboration with the counties, we are exploring a variety of types of partnerships with local and regional providers, and our shared goal is to expand access to much needed behavioral health services in our community. We are taking the time to do this right, and we are engaging in conversations with a variety of non-profit organizations who share our same commitment to caring for this vulnerable population,” said Dianne Shugrue, CEO of Glens Falls Hospital.

As Glens Falls Hospital works with the counties to identify potential partners, their outpatient behavioral health operations will continue and patients will continue to receive the same high-quality, compassionate care as they always have.

Shugrue emphasized that Glens Falls Hospital is committed to working with the counties and potential partners in the best interest of the patients they serve and will provide updates to employees, patients and the community as appropriate.