Construction will take place starting today, May 1, to upgrade the parking lots for teh Pruyn Pavilion and 14 Hudson.


Beginning Monday, May 1, construction, repaving and restriping will begin on the Pruyn parking lot.  Please see the maps by clicking below:

To 14 Hudson from Lot A

To 14 Hudson Parking

To Pruyn from Lot A

To Pruyn Parking

  • Beginning Monday, May 1 Phase 1 construction will begin in the lot directly in front of the Pruyn Pavilion, up to the northeast corner of the building.
    • Phase 1 parking will be as follows:
      • Parking for the Pruyn Pavilion will be in the remainder of the Pruyn lot from the corner of the building east to School Street, and in the Main lot as needed.
      • Parking for 14 Hudson will be in a portion of the Provider lot.  Providers will continue to use the other half of the lot, and will have temporary access to the lot behind the Finance and IT building during construction. Those who currently use the 3 to 11 lot will need to find accommodations in the parking garage or down the hill during this project.
    • Valet parking will be relocated to the northeast corner of the Pruyn Pavilion, with golf cart shuttles available to bring patients to and from the entrance to the CR Wood Cancer Center.
    • There will also be a golf cart shuttle available for patients to and from 14 Hudson and the provider lot that is being temporarily used during construction.
    • Signage and an information station will be placed at the main entrance off Hudson Avenue, and at the entrance at School Street to help direct patients to the appropriate parking areas.
    • These stations will be equipped with directional handout maps and personal guidance.
  • When phase 2 construction begins on approximately May 15:
    • The Pruyn lot from the northeast corner of the building to School Street will close.
    • The lot directly in front of the Pruyn Pavilion will reopen, with valet service.
    • The provider lot will still be available temporarily for patient parking.
    • Golf cart shuttles will continue to be available.
    • The entire project will be complete by approximately June 1.

The project will continue with the information stations and shuttle service throughout for patient ease.

We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for the inconvenience.