Glens Falls Hospital Medical Staff Contribute $20,000 to Landon Del Toro Education Fund

When Glens Falls Hospital lost Kristin Stevenson, RN, in a tragic accident during a snow storm this past winter, the understandable first reactions were shock, grief, anger at the loss of one so young and vibrant, and then mourning the loss of a beloved colleague, friend, mother, and partner.

Out of grief and mourning comes the will to move forward, and to honor a life well lived.  Then something wonderful happened.

The GFH team and the Stevenson and Del Toro families picked themselves up and made plans to honor Kristin’s legacy, and to assist her only child, Landon, and help secure his future.  A fund was established to assist Landon with future education expenses, and local financial planning firm Legacy Planning Partners stepped in to manage the fund.

On May 5, another milestone was achieved when Dr. Christopher Mason, President of the Glens Falls Hospital Medical Staff, announced a major gift to the fund – and a challenge to all of the individual members of the Medical Staff.  “Today the GFH Medical Staff is proud to present Landon with this check for $20,000 to help fund his future education.  And also today, we challenge all members of the Medical Staff to step up and make a personal contribution to the fund.  Our goal is to at least double this $20,000 in memory of Kristin and to help insure Landon’s future.”

We know Kristin would be proud of the resilience shown by her family, friends, and colleagues. Together we can continue moving forward in remembrance of her kind and giving spirit.