Glens Falls Hospital Adds Dual Energy Subtraction Chest X-ray

Glens Falls Hospital is now the region’s only hospital to offer Dual Energy Subtraction digital imaging.  Two of these new machines are located at the Glens Falls Hospital Medical Imaging Center, and a third one located in the Emergency Department.

A conventional Chest X-ray shows the entire anatomy superimposed over each other, for example both the rib cage over the lungs. When trying to identify pulmonary nodules often times the ribs can make it difficult to identify certain areas.

Now, the GE Definium 646 HD X-ray machines allow for a much more detailed view of either bone structures, or soft tissue, because they use dual energy subtraction to “subtract” bone structures. (Please see the images below) This allows the radiologist to obtain more detailed information on calcified structures, foreign objects, and lesions in soft tissues.

This new digital radiology technique produces this extraordinary detail with lower radiation doses.  The clear precise imaging provides the radiologist with the information they need to make detailed diagnoses, and that means better outcomes for patients. This is the new elevated standard of medical imaging at Glens Falls Hospital.

Hal Pike is the Glens Falls Hospital Medical Imaging Operations Manager.  He says, “Dual-energy subtraction chest radiography improves the radiologist’s ability to detect and accurately diagnose a wide variety of chest lesions. The major advantage of this technique is that it makes calcification more conspicuous, an essential aid in characterizing pulmonary nodules.”

All of this new digital radiologic equipment is installed, calibrated, and in use.

In addition to this new technology, we also have installed a new digital C-arm (X-ray machine) for the Operating Room that produces some of the clearest pictures to help guide surgeons performing surgery. This type of X-ray allows for enhanced accuracy during joint replacements when utilizing the newly added Mako Robotic-arm assisted surgery for precision implant placement.

Glens Falls Hospital offers medical imaging at 8 locations throughout the region with a variety of hours to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules.  For more information on the services available at each location, please visit .


In this photo, the top image is a conventional X-ray; the two bottom images are dual energy subtraction X-rays.

In this photo, Glens Falls Hospital Radiology Operations Manager Hal Pike describes the GE Definium 646 HD X-ray system.