Updated Hours for Outpatient Laboratory Testing


Effective Monday, April 13, 2020, the Glens Falls Hospital Outpatient Lab (100 Park Street)  will only be performing STAT draws Monday through Friday from 6AM – 2PM. 
Additionally Laboratory Services at Wilton Medical Center, Whitehall Medical Center and Evergreen Medical Center will be suspended until further notice.

Additionally, Lab Services at Moreau Family Health will be open on Saturdays for outpatient blood draws.  For all routine and non time-sensitive draws we kindly ask you to go to our several draw stations throughout the region.

Please see below for the complete listing of Laboratory locations and services.


Glens Falls Outpatient Lab

Monday – Friday 6AM – 2PM for collection of blood samples from those patients that:

  • Require STAT bloodwork
  • Have orders for a lab test that is time sensitive
  • Require blood work prior to another procedure (i.e. BUN/CREA prior to CT)
  • Need bloodwork prior to same day surgery

Collection times for our CD4:CD8 Ratio profile and Lymph Help/Supp Panel & WBC testing
Monday – Wednesday: 7:00am – 10:00am

Glens Falls Outpatient Lab

Monday – Thursday 7AM – 10AM

  • Dr. Hoy’s patients


Lab Services at Hudson Headwaters Moreau Family Health

Monday – Friday 6AM – 6PM;
Saturday 7AM-12PM

  • All Glucose Tolerance Testing will be done here
  • Routine blood draws


Hudson Falls Lab Collection Center

Monday – Friday 6AM – 2PM

  • Routine blood draws


Adirondack Cardiology

Monday – Friday 7AM – 3PM
Closed 12:30PM-1PM for lunch

  • Routine blood draws


Wilton Lab Collection Center

*Temporarily Closed*


Evergreen Medical Center

*Temporarily Closed*


Granville Medical Center

Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 1PM

  • Routine Blood Draws
  • Appointments only


Whitehall Medical Center

*Temporarily Closed*


Cambridge Medical Center and Urgent Care

Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 1:30PM

  • Routine blood draws


Greenwich Medical Center

Monday – Thursday 7AM – 2:45PM

Friday 7AM – 3PM

Closed Daily for lunch 12:30PM – 1PM

  • Routine blood draws