Radiology technologies such as X-ray and ultrasound have been used for many years to identify medical problems. But for the past decade these technologies have been increasingly used for treatment as well as diagnosis, through the practice of interventional radiology – a medical specialty in which X-ray and ultrasound technologies are used to guide catheters and other tiny instruments into arteries and other parts of the body to treat conditions that once required surgery.

Glens Falls Hospital added this innovative treatment option to its array of patient services in the mid-1990s, recruiting interventional radiologist Dr. Richard Dimickto oversee the creation and serve as Medical Director of our $1.2 million Interventional Radiology Lab. Dr. Dimick was joined in Glens Falls in 1997 by fellow interventional radiologist Dr. Marc Meacham and later by Dr. David Markowitz. All doctors are partners in Adirondack Radiology Associates.

The insertion of a catheter or other device typically requires only a small (approximately 1/8th of an inch) incision in the skin. The pain and recovery time is often much less than with surgery, and there are fewer associated risks.

In recent years, Drs. Dimick, Meacham, and Markowitz have used interventional radiology to unclog arteries, kill tumors, stop excessive post-partum bleeding and treat such diverse ailments as persistent nosebleeds and a gunshot wound to the kidney.

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