Platelet Function Analysis

Method Name

Platelet Aperature Occlusion


Platelet Function Analysis; PFA; PFA-100; Bleeding Time, PFA-100

Specimen Required

Discard one blue top tube and then collect: (2) Blue top tubes and (1) Lavender top tube. Specimen should be collected with a needle large than 21g (i.e. 20g, 19g, 18g, etc.).

Specimen Minimum Volume

Blue top tubes must be filled

Specimen Stability Information

Specimens are stable for 4 hours at room temperature.

Unacceptable specimens include:

  • Short samples (blue top tubes that are not filled +/- 10% fill volume.
  • Specimen drawn with needles smaller than 21g
  • Specimens drawn with butterfly needle.
  • Specimens sent through the pneumatic tube system.



Special Instructions

This test replaces the Simplate Bleeding Time Test.

Performing Laboratory

As ordered

Reference Values

COL/EPI: 80 – 184 seconds COL/ADP: 56 – 102 seconds