Medical Alert Service

Live Confidently & Independently at Home

What will you do if you fall while alone, or feel the onset of a heart attack, stroke or other worsening medical condition?

Immediate medical response can mean the difference between recovering and returning home or having to leave the home you love. When seconds count in a medical emergency, a personal emergency response system (PERS) can make a vital difference. Our Emergency Response Operators are highly trained and standing by 24/7, ready to help you with any situation, at any time.

Glens Falls Hospital’s Medical Alert Service is the only local medical alert provider in the Glens Falls region.  We offer home based consoles and mobile devices. These personal emergency response systems feature standard personal activators and optional fall detection activators. Their technology and connectivity work over traditional, digital, VoIP, and cellular services.

How It Works

1. When you need assistance, press your personal help button.

Your Easy Touch Help Button can be worn as a pendant, on wrist, or clipped to belt.

The help button is both discreet and easy to wear:

  • Long-life battery
  • Lightweight (less than .5 oz.)
  • Long-range activation
  • 4-in-1 modular design (neck, wrist, belt, wall)
  • Waterproof – safe for use when showering or bathing
  • The help button lights up when pressed

2. The two-way voice console unit dials the 24-hour Response Center.

Dependable console unit with many safety features and lifetime warranty.

  • Two-way voice
  • High output speaker
  • Extra sensitive microphone
  • Long-term battery back-up
  • Illuminated help button
  • UL and FCC approved
  • Toll-free dialing

3. Center professionals speak with you over the console to get the help you need.

Connected and Protected™ – Recognizing that people rely upon us 24/7, the Response Center is built with the most advanced infrastructure of equipment to optimize response time and improve service reliability.

Even if you cannot speak or can’t be heard, the Response Center knows who you are, where you live and who to contact. When your service is activated, a personalized file is created in our database containing all your critical information. This information is immediately displayed so that a trained operator can respond quickly to assist you and dispatch the appropriate help.

What We Offer

  • More than 25 years of experience
  • More than one million monitored
  • Two U.S.-based, medical only monitoring centers (we do not monitor burglar alarms)
  • Average call answer time under 60 seconds
  • Emergency notification to family members and caregivers
  • UL and FCC approved
  • Assurance testing and self-checking equipment
  • Bilingual staff
  • 24/7 assistance at the touch of a button
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No long-term contract (cancel at any time without penalty)

I am interested in Medical Alert

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Medical Alert Service

25 Willowbrook Road, Suite #1
Queensbury, New York 12804

Phone: 518-409-8100
Fax: 518-409-8103

Program Manager: Kelly Crotty

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