Happy Certified Nurses Day!


Sunday, March 19th was Certified Nurses Day! Glens Falls Hospital proudly recognizes its 153 Registered Nurses who have gone the extra mile to become nationally board certified in their specialty areas.

“Certified Nurses demonstrate a continued dedication to learning beyond their initial RN licensure. Certification affirms advanced knowledge, skill, and practice in a chosen field and contributes to better patient outcomes,” said Laura Pfeifer, RN, Magnet Program Director. “It’s a wonderful way to show commitment to and interest in your specialty.”

Nurses can receive specialty certifications from a number of national accrediting organizations. Requirements typically include at least two years of experience in a particular field, in addition to coursework and passage of a national exam. Some specialty fields require continuing education credits to maintain certification. Glens Falls Hospital encourages all nurses to become certified.

Glens Falls Hospital is grateful for its Certified Nurses and their dedication to the art and science of nursing. We applaud you for your commitment to providing our community with world-class care!