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Laboratory Services

The Glens Falls Hospital Laboratory is the only laboratory in the Glens Falls region that provides your physician with 24-hour access to your medical records and test results. By choosing us, you can rest assured that in an emergency, your doctor will have the most recent test results available whether they were performed as an inpatient, emergency patient, or outpatient. This continuum of care can play a vital role when there is an immediate need for decisive medical information.

We are committed to providing fast and efficient results for a broad range of tests including the specialty areas of: hematology, chemistry, urinalysis, coagulation, therapeutic drug monitoring, microbiology, blood banking, serology, surgical pathology, and cytology.

Our Laboratory is licensed by the New York State Department of Health and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Our team of Pathologists work directly with our licensed laboratory professionals to provide accurate and reliable results utilizing the latest technology.

CAP Accreditation (PDF)


NYS Clinical Laboratory Permit (PDF)


Frequently Asked Laboratory Questions:

What is this test for and what do the results mean?

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How do I collect a urine specimen for cytology?

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How do I collect a 24-hour urine specimen?

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How do I collect a stool specimen?

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