Lymphedema Rehabilitation

What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a chronic, life-long condition that causes progressive swelling of an area of the body (arm, leg, or face) that is experiencing lymphatic dysfunction. Lymphedema may be caused by a variety of reasons including radiation therapy, surgery, trauma, or illness.

What are the risks associated with lymphedema?

If left un-managed, lymphedema may lead so significant complications such as skin changes, wounds, decreased mobility, increased fluid retention, dysfunction in daily routines, infection, and even hospitalization.

Can lymphedema be managed long-term?

Yes! Using a collaborative approach between doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, lymphedema can be managed using a variety of methods to significantly decrease the progression and risks associated with lymphedema.

What does lymphedema rehabilitation involve?

Specially trained physical and/or occupational therapists work with patients to provide comprehensive treatment to decrease swelling and mange it long-term. Treatment can involve a variety of methods including:

  • Comprehensive evaluations to determine individualized treatment plans and therapeutic goals.
  • Work with doctors to recommend lymphedema management products such as compression garments, lymphedema pumps, and other specialized lymphedema products.
  • Provide specialized and individualized treatment that may include therapeutic exercise, manual lymph drainage, multi-component bandaging, skin and wound care, and custom home programs.
  • Train and educate patients and their caregivers to manage lymphedema long-term

Who can treat lymphedema?

Our physical and occupational therapists that provided these services have underwent certification programs that focus on learning and practicing specialized skills to treat a variety of patients who live with chronic swelling conditions and lymphedema.

Where are lymphedema services located?

Glens Falls Hospital provided specialized lymphedema rehabilitation at three locations including:

The C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital

100 Park Street, Glens Falls NY

Phone Number: (518) 926-6620

The Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

2 Cournty Club Road, Queensbury, NY 12804

Phone Number: (518) 926-2005

The Medical Center at Wilton

135 North Road Wilton, NY 12831

Phone Number: (518) 926-4825