Interventional Radiology

Radiology technologies such as X-ray and ultrasound have been used for many years to identify medical problems. Today, these technologies are increasingly used for treatment as well as diagnosis, through the practice of interventional radiology (also known as angiography) – a medical specialty in which X-ray and ultrasound technologies are used to guide catheters and other tiny instruments into arteries and other parts of the body to treat conditions that once required surgery.

Interventional Radiology Physician Team

Glens Falls Hospital added this innovative treatment option to its array of patient services in the mid-1990s, recruiting interventional radiologist Dr. Richard Dimick to oversee the creation and serve as Medical Director of our $1.2 million Interventional Radiology Lab. Today, Dr. Dimick is joined by fellow interventional radiologists Dr. Geoffrey Hill and Dr. David Markowitz. All three doctors practice with Adirondack Radiology Associates.

In recent years, Drs. Dimick, Hill and Markowitz have used interventional radiology to unclog arteries, kill tumors, stop excessive post-partum bleeding and treat such diverse ailments as persistent nosebleeds and a gunshot wound to the kidney.

Dr. Richard Dimick

Dr. Geoffrey Hill

Dr. David Markowitz

What is Diagnostic Imaging?

For thousands of years, there was no way for doctors to see inside a patient's body, short of cutting the patient open, if there was a problem. That changed with the advent of x-rays. Since then, the number of ways to look inside our bodies has mushroomed. Some of the techniques use x-rays combined with a computer to get a three-dimensional look inside. Other use ultrasound waves or magnetic waves to get a look. Sometimes injections, such as contrasting materials, are used to enhance the details.

Different types of imaging techniques are used to diagnose different conditions. There isn't an organ of your body now out of reach of imaging technology. Diagnostic imaging techniques give your doctor information about what is happening inside your body and makes for a better diagnosis and treatment.