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Dr. Michael Holland Participates in
National Briefing on Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Dr. Michael Holland of Glens Falls Hospital's Center for Occupational Health was invited to share his expertise on the human health impacts of workforce environmental exposures with a nationwide panel of physicians interested in the ongoing Gulf Coast oil spill.

Dr. Holland, a board-certified specialist in occupational medicine, participated in the 40-minute telephone briefing with members of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) On Friday, June 25. He said that, despite the devastation in the Gulf Coast region, sampling data has shown virtually no exposures to anything harmful to any of the clean-up workers. "The spill is weathered crude oil and by the time it reaches shore, all dangerous volatiles have evaporated," Dr. Holland said. "This has been very good news to us in terms of our concerns for workers' health and we're hopeful there will be zero impact on their future health."

Dr. Holland is a member of the Board of Directors of ACOEM, and Chair of the organization's Occupational and Clinical Toxicology Committee. He has done an extensive amount of work on environmental exposures over the years.

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