Glens Falls Hospital

100 Park Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801 518.926.1000

Floyd H. Rourke Inpatient
Surgery Center

At the Floyd H. Rourke Inpatient Surgery Center, area surgeons and Glens Falls Hospital's surgical team are committed to restoring people's health through a wide variety of advanced surgical procedures. The center has six operating rooms and a specialized urology room, utilizing state of the art equipment and techniques.

Patients are admitted through a dedicated admissions unit, where they are able to wait with their families in the comfort of a private room until they go to surgery.

While surgery is in process, families have a choice of quiet waiting areas, or areas with televisions. There is also a Physician Consult Room, where families can meet with the surgeon following the procedure.

To learn more about the Surgical Services, please call
(518) 926-1000.