Senior Health

At Glens Falls Hospital we know that seniors have special health concerns on a variety of topics, from arthritis to diabetes, from osteoporosis to cancer.

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Current News in Senior Health

Jun 21, 2017
Pemphigoid is rare autoimmune condition that can affect people of any age. What are the symptoms and what are the different types of pemphigoid?
Jun 19, 2017
New study data from the Chinese community in Chicago is shedding light on the impact of elder abuse in America.
Jun 19, 2017
Slowing down the aging process might be possible one day with supplements derived from gut bacteria.
Jun 14, 2017
What are the common menopause and perimenopause symptoms and can essential oils help? What essential oils may be used and what are the considerations?
Jun 12, 2017
Being overweight may not always be a bad thing. New research finds that excess weight could protect against early death for older adults with diabetes.