THE ART OF HEALING: 2018 Annual Fund

A newborn’s healthy cry brings tears of joy to her parent’s eyes.

A cardiologist’s skilled and steady hands open a clogged artery and calm the hearts of a waiting family.

A surgeon removes a life-threatening blood clot through a tiny incision in the back of a knee.

A mother of three learns the cancer is gone, and clutches her doctor’s hand.

Since 1897, Glens Falls Hospital has served as the comprehensive healthcare safety net for patients and their families across a six county, primarily rural area of Upstate New York. From our main Hospital campus to a network of over 20 neighborhood health centers, Glens Falls Hospital is committed to providing quality care, as close to home as possible.

As a not-for-profit hospital, Glens Falls Hospital’s operating margins are razor thin. At the end of each year, the surplus funds available for reinvestment in services and technologies is extremely limited.

Because of this challenge, philanthropic support plays a vital role in helping our Hospital provide the latest advancements in healthcare technologies, administered by the finest healthcare professionals in advanced healthcare facilities.

Your contributions to the Glens Falls Hospital Foundation are essential to helping our Hospital:

  • Provide new families a safe and healthy beginning
  • Give our community’s talented physicians, nurses and other caregivers the advanced technologies and training necessary to save and enhance lives
  • Help people living with cancer to overcome this disease and count themselves proudly as Cancer Survivors

Please give to our 2018 Annual Fund. With your generosity, our Hospital will continue to make a difference in the lives of local families for generations to come. You can make your gift right now simply by clicking Give Online Now .