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John H. Green

Proudest Accomplishment as a nurse: Presented thru-put initiative at the ANA Staffing Conference in New Orleans, 2013.

Location: Glens Falls Hospital

Degrees: MSN - Administration, BSN, ADN

School(s) Attended: Kaplan University; Vermont Technical College

Clinical Certifications: BLS

Special Training/Education: VONL Nurse Leader Fellowship, 2012 - 2013; Critical Care Fellowship, 2005; Pediatric Fellowship, 2005; U.S. Army Medical Corps - Paramedic Training, 1998

Current Position and Unit: Tower 3, Nurse Manager

GFH Units Worked: Tower 3, 3 West, 3 North

Year Joined GFH: 2015

John Green is all about teamwork when it comes to his job as a Nurse Manager at Glens Falls Hospital.

"I'm a coach," he says. Manager are leaders, but they can be coaches at the same time by empowering their staff to take ownership of their job at every level, and giving them the guidance and tools to do so."

John became a Nurse Manager on the hospital's T3 Med/Surg Unit after 16 years as an RN, and has since gone on to earn his master's in administration. He's focused on building a more empowered, engaged nursing staff, with better patient care as the end game.

"I'm very interested in helping improve hospital systems and build greater collaboration between individuals and units, and I've been given that opportunity here," John says. "There's a big difference between just coming to work and doing a job, and coming in and wanting to improve things, and that's the culture we're building."

John got his first taste of collaboration in healthcare as a U.S. Army medic. When his service to our country was complete, he became an RN with a goal of going on to medical school. But he says he soon decided nursing was where he could make the greatest impact.

"I look at nursing as the profession that's really going to fix healthcare. Nurses are the ones at the bedside. We're the ones who have the most holistic view of the patient and their situation."

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