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Your Snuggery Visit

Thank you for your interest in The Snuggery. This page will give you an overview of what to expect before, during and after a Snuggery delivery. Simply click on any of the topics below, or scroll down the page to read the entire overview.

Choosing Your Doctor

A list of obstetricians who deliver babies at The Snuggery can be found by using the Physician Directory.

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Choosing Your Baby's Doctor

We hope you will have chosen – and met with – a pediatrician or family practice doctor for your baby prior to the birth. If you will be using a pediatrician outside of the immediate Glens Falls area, or if you are still undecided about your choice of pediatrician at the time of your delivery, your baby will be cared for by the pediatrician who is on-call during your stay. A list of pediatricians practicing at The Snuggery can be found by using the Physician Directory.

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Expectant parents and siblings are encouraged to tour The Snuggery prior to your due date. To schedule a tour, please call 926-6095.

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Pre-registration forms and your personal Birth Plan form are included in the Snuggery packets that you receive at your doctor's office. You should complete these forms and send them to The Snuggery by the beginning of your eighth month of pregnancy. A self-addressed envelope is included in the packet. Your doctor or midwife will assist you in preparing your Birth Plan.

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When you arrive at the Hospital, enter Parking Lot "A" and look for the two expectant mother parking spaces in the front row. They're marked by a sign adorned with a stork; there is also a stork painted on the blacktop. Please note that these spots are only for use by women who are in labor. Once the soon-to-be-mom is settled in her room, the vehicle should be moved to a regular parking space.

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You and your partner or coach can use Entrance "A" and come directly to The Snuggery, located on the second floor. If you arrive at the Hospital between

9 p.m. and 5 a.m., come through the Emergency Room Entrance. Upon

check-in let them know that you were sent by your Obstetrician/Midwife and are to go to the Snuggery. The Snuggery will be notified and someone will accompany you to the Unit.

Once at The Snuggery, you will be greeted at the front desk and a nurse will take you to your room for a preliminary examination and to assess your progress. If your doctor has not yet been notified, we will do so at this time. Please remember to provide us with a copy of your Birth Plan at this time.

You will be admitted to a private room, where you will remain for your delivery and throughout your entire Hospital stay. Please note that, on rare occasions, the large number of women giving birth on a given day may necessitate that you share a room following your delivery. Should this happen, we will make every effort to return you to a private room as soon as possible. You may choose to labor in The Snuggery's newly refurbished Birthing Tub Room, provided it is not already in use.

The Snuggery rooms are spacious and you will have the freedom to be up and walking around during labor. A nurse will continue to assess you regularly and keep your doctor or midwife apprised of your progress. Please feel free to ask questions at any time. We are open to any type of pain control options that are available. During early labor, we encourage showering, walking, rocking in our glider chair, utilizing breathing techniques, and resting. Pain medication, anesthetic blocks and tub laboring are available, following discussion with your health care provider, once your labor has progressed and you are in an active pattern. Epidural anesthesia is available at The Snuggery 24 hours per day.

While you are in labor, you may choose up to 3 support people to be with you. This is for both safety and privacy reasons for you as well as other laboring families. Support people age 14 and younger must first attend our "Sibling Attended Birth" class.

In preparation for your delivery, all necessary equipment will be brought into your room. A nurse will attend to your needs, and assist you and your doctor or midwife in delivering your baby.

Photography and videotaping are not permitted during your delivery, during anesthetic procedures or in the Operating Room.

In the first hour after delivery, visitors are asked to remain in the waiting area to facilitate a recovery and bonding time for your new family.

The Snuggery announces each new baby's arrival with a special chime played throughout the Hospital.

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Safety and Security

Immediately after your baby is born, the nursing staff will place two identification bands and a security "HUGS" tag on the baby's ankles. A matching baby band will be placed on your wrist. Our security system will be fully explained to you upon your admittance to The Snuggery. All Snuggery staff members wear special nametags. Please look for that tag before giving your baby to ANYONE.

For safety reasons, please do not carry your baby in the hallway. When transporting your baby around The Snuggery, please use the rolling crib at all times.

The special Snuggery experience doesn't end with the birth of your baby. You'll especially appreciate our special family-centered environment during your post-partum days.

After delivery your baby may stay with you in your room unless there is an unusual condition that requires special care for you or your infant. A nurse will be available to care for you both as a family. Together, you'll develop a care plan that's sensitive to the individual needs of you and your baby.

Your baby's father is welcome at The Snuggery at any time and may spend the night in the foldout chair/bed that is available in each room. Siblings are welcome to visit during general visiting hours, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

During your stay, you'll have the opportunity to view educational films and talk one-on-one with our nurse specialists about such things as breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bathing, diapering and any concerns you may have about caring for your baby. The Snuggery is also pleased to offer The Newborn Channel, a free in-room television service providing programming on baby care and post-partum topics 24 hours a day.

When you leave The Snuggery, you'll be well on your way to feeling confident in your ability to meet your baby's needs. If you ever have questions, of course, you can feel free to call The Snuggery any time, day or night, at (518) 926-6090.

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The Snuggery places a high priority on providing the support necessary for successful initiation of breastfeeding. We are proud to offer access to our Lactation Services made up of several Snuggery Staff who have completed additional education and certifications specific to breastfeeding. These services are available before, during, and after your stay at Glens Falls Hospital. For mothers who choose formula, the Snuggery provides a variety of infant formulas.

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Visiting Hours – Please Check the Snuggery Visitor Policy

Family and friends are invited to visit you and your baby in your room from

9:00am – 8:00p.m. If your baby requires a stay in our Special-Care Nursery, we ask that you limit visitors to close family members. Anyone with respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, or contagious illnesses of any kind, should refrain from visiting. All guests are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly before handling your baby. Flowers and Mylar (shiny) balloons are welcome in The Snuggery, but rubber-latex balloons are not allowed due to the fact that some people have serious latex allergies.

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Additional Information for our Visitors & Patients

Visitors are reminded to wash their hands before holding the baby. A new baby's immune system is not fully developed and they are very susceptible to germs.

A family waiting area is available for additional family and friends. For the safety and security of your family we ask that children not be left unattended in the waiting area at any time. To respect the privacy of our other patients, visitors are asked to remain in the waiting area and not in the hallways.

We ask that when you visit your loved one, please be respectful of our other patients. Please do not sit on clean beds or use the bathroom in the patient room.

For your convenience there is a public restroom located in the family waiting area.

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Quiet Time For Moms & Babies

The period from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. each day is designated as QUIET TIME for Moms. This is a time for you to rest without fear of being interrupted by visitors, nurses or anyone dropping in. We believe you need time to get to know your baby, breast feed, or just nap. This is your time out from the hectic routine of hospital. Your nurse will, of course, be available for any assistance you need.

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Meals for Moms

Meals are served three times per day. You can order your own meals from your Snuggery room by calling extension 2614 before 9 a.m. for lunch and before 2 p.m. for dinner. Nutritional services will assist you with your choices. A variety of juices, milk and soft drinks are available at all times by asking your nurse. Special snack packs with fruit, crackers and juice will be brought to your room soon after you deliver.

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Food For Family & Friends

Patient nourishment is provided solely for patients. We invite your family and visitors to enjoy meals and refreshments from Au Bon Pain in the lobby of the Northwest Tower or from the Hospital Cafeteria in the Lower Lobby. Feel free to ask a nurse for directions.

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Videotaping and photographs are acceptable before and after – but not during – your delivery. Please limit your photography and videography to your baby and family only. After your baby is born, our staff will provide you with a "Going Home" photo form. Simply complete the form and place it in the top drawer of your baby's crib. We will take a digital photo of your baby when you are ready to go home, and you will be given the opportunity to purchase them according to our photo vendor's policies. The photos will be delivered to you, and will also be viewable on The Snuggery page at

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Going Home

The average Snuggery stay for women having a vaginal delivery is 36-48 hours. For women having cesarean section, the average stay is four days. You may choose to leave the Hospital earlier if you prefer. You will want to talk with your physician or midwife about an early discharge.

Discharge time is 11:00am. Please plan to have a ride available at that time.

When you are ready to go home, you will be discharged directly from The Snuggery. A Snuggery staff member will accompany you to the main lobby and assist you with placing your baby in your car seat.

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Car Seat Safety

State law requires that all infants be secured in an approved car safety seat. Please have your baby's seat in your room at the time of discharge. If you do not have a safety seat, please notify your nurse as early as possible.

To make the discharge process as prompt as possible, we ask that you become familiar with your car seat before your baby's arrival. Due to the differences in babies' sizes, as well as car seat sizes, you may want to include a couple of extra blankets or an insert in the safety seat so that your baby is as snug and secure as possible. Remember, newborns must ride in the rear seat, in the middle, facing the rear of the car. Never place your child in a car seat in front of an airbag.

If your baby is born at 37 weeks or less, you will need to bring your safety seat to The Snuggery to be checked before your baby is discharged.

We will ask that the person driving you home bring the car to the Main Lobby ramp. We will escort your new family to the car and stay with you until your baby is safely secured in the car safety seat. (Please note, the proper placement and safety of the child in the seat are not the responsibility of Glens Falls Hospital.)

After you have returned home, The Snuggery staff will still be available to assist you. If you have a question, concern or just need reassurance about how to care for yourself or your baby, you can call The Snuggery any time, day or night, at (518) 926-6090.

For women who are breastfeeding, special support and information are available through our lactation clinic and our telephone consult line at (518) 926-6104.

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We hope this information has been helpful. Please remember if you have any other concerns or questions that were not addressed above, call 926-6090 any time.

We look forward to meeting you and your family and hope that your birthing experience is one that you will treasure for years to come.

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