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Aquatic Therapy

Glens Falls Hospital is proud to offer a HydroWorx® aquatic therapy pool at The Rehabilitation & Wellness Center in Queensbury, and at The Medical Center at Wilton. Used by some of then nation's pre-eminent rehabilitation facilities and professional and college sports teams, HydroWorx® takes the benefits of aquatic therapy far beyond what's possible in an everyday swimming pool or whirlpool:

  • The entire floor is a treadmill, allowing patients to simulate walking, running or sports activities while minimizing stress on muscles and joints.
  • Water depths can be raised and lowered, allowing use by patients of all abilities.
  • An underwater video system enables the patient and therapist to closely monitor the patient's movements and rehabilitative progress.
  • A constant, comfortable water temperature in the low 90s helps ease pain and stiffness.

To learn more, please call us at 1-866-728-0103.

Aquatic Therapy Photo