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The Promise Society:
1,000 Giving $1,000

The Glens Falls Hospital Foundation Promise Society was established in 2010 with a goal of enlisting 1,000 generous donors who make an annual commitment of $1,000 or higher.

As a Promise Society member, you will receive invitations to special events, hospital updates and a lapel pin acknowledging your generous support.

We extend our special thanks to the current members of our Promise Society:

The Agnew and Herrick Families

Mr. and Mrs. Neil W. Akins

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Allen

Dr. David and Mary Alloy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Appleyard

Ms. Brenda Arley

Mr. Joseph Arney

Mrs. A. Louise Bailey

Mr. Douglas Barry

Dr. and Mrs. Dean M. Bartlett

Richard J. Bartlett, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barton III

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Bitner III

Bob and Mary Alice Bouchard

Davene S. and Gerald R. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Brown

Mr. Stephen Brown

Mrs. Gail Brownell

John R. and Jacqueline K. Buchanan

Mr. Greg Buckingham

Mrs. Joan I. Buckley

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cedrone, AAMS

Michael B. and Kathryn G. Clarke

Aileen C. Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Collinson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Cracco

Mr. Jack F. Crannell

Mr. and Mrs. Denis M. Creeden

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cullum

Mr. Ronald F. Davies

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Del Signore

Michael and Carmen Della Bella

David S. and Pamela R. DeMarco

Mr. Vincent and Shirley DeSantis and Family

Ms. Sandra J. DiNoto

Paul and Tammy Dowen

Kathie and Brian Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Edmunds

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards

Howard P. Fritz, M.D.

George C. and Beatrice E. Frost

Kathryn T. O'Keeffe, M.D. and James D. Fuchs, M.D.

Ms. Elizabeth C. Gallagher

Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Gara, Jr.

Mary Jane and Albert J. Gilet, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gillette

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ginsburg

Stuart Ginsburg

Girling Family

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Glendening

Peter R. Gray, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Noel P. Harding

Jan and Dan Hazewski

Dr. and Mrs. Lance Hellman

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Herlihy

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Herlihy

Thomas and Sarah Hoy

Gordon and Cynthia Hoyt

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Hudnut, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jacobs

Joan and Tom Jenkin

Mr. John M. Jones

Shawn P. Jorgensen, M.D.

Todd R. Jorgensen, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Judkins

Mrs. Glenda B. Kelman, R.N.

Mr. Thomas B. Kinsock

Ms. Donna J. Kirker, R.N.

Mr. Donald B. Kittle

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Kolakowski

Muriel L. Kopp

David and Patricia Kruczlnicki

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lapham




John Parkhurst Leary, M.D. and Nancy Wade Leary, M.D.

Andrew and June Lemery

Dr. and Mrs. Guy D. Lehine

Richard J. Leonard

Ms. Helen Levendos

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Lewis

Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lewit

Pieter Litchfield

Ms. Beverly M. Luft

Mrs. Martha Mann

Ms. Roberta L. Manning

Edit Masaba, M.D.

Michael and Joyce Massiano

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Matochik, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Matrose

Susan and John C. McPhillips

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Mead

Joseph and Elaine Mihindu

Mr. Edward T. Moore

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Morrissey

David and Betsy Moynehan

Hon. and Mrs. G.T. Moynihan, Jr.

Scott M. Munro, M.D. and

Jackie Killian-Munro, Ph.D.

Tom, Linda and Kevin Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nemec

Daniel F. O'Keeffe, M.D.

Mike and Kelley Ostrander

Jayant Paranjpe, M.D. and

Mridula Paranjpe, M.D.

Mr. Matthew Pearsall

Dr. Robert M. Pickoff

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Potvin

Mr. R. Case Prime

Dr. Colleen Quinn and

Mr. Jim Rodewald

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Raccuia

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Rapaport

Drs. Rustom and Deborah Rastinehad

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Reynolds

Joan and Alan Rhodes

Mrs. Joan A. Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Robinson

Michele P. and Thomas J. Ross

Drs. Patrick and Jennifer Rowley

Dr. Barney Rubenstein and

Dr. Sandra Scroggins

Schutze Family Dentistry P.C.

Mrs. Dianne T. Shugrue and

Mr. Larry Kelly

Paul and Linda Scimeca

John and Kitty Sconzo

Mr. and Mrs. D. Ross Sheridan

Mr. Donald Skellie

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Skellie

Mr. G. Emmett Smith

Otelo and Emyrose Solis

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Soule

Dr. Robert and Barbara Sponzo

Dr. John P. Stoutenburg and

Dr. Maybelle Hwang

Drs. Geronimo and Fatima Tapawan

Mr. Russell C. Tharp, Jr.

Pliney W. Tucker

Mrs. Marie C. Vanderminden

Dr. and Mrs. John F. VanSchaick

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L. Varney, Jr.

Dr. Stephen C. Verral and

Mrs. Susanne D'Isabel

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Waterhouse, Jr.

Robert F. and Rita P. Whiteman

David R. and Cynthia J. Whitman

Mr. Michael Whittam

Ms. Dale J. Winyall, R.N.

Mr. and Mrs. James Yarter

Janet and Richard Yulman

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Zak

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Zimmerman, Jr.

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